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The full form of BCA is Bachelor of Computer Application which is an undergraduate degree course. The duration of the course is three year whose curriculum is divided into six semesters. The demand of computer professionals is increasing with the rapid growth of Information Technology industry in India. This course is beneficial for the students who want to enter into the Information Technology Industry. The syllabus of the course contains the subjects like C, C++, Java, VB.Net, database, computer Network etc. Now days, there is very big scope in the field of computing. One can either grab the job after completion of this degree or can go for the higher studies. Students can also opt for the freelancing or can develop their own software.

Career Options After BCA

Career paths after BCA Details
Study an MBA or MCA Studying an MBA or MCA after BCA can help you explore a wide range of high-paying careers in Computer Applications and Management.
Tech Jobs at IT Companies Software Developer, Technical Support, IT Analyst, Web Developer, Junior Analyst, Computer Support Service Specialist, Software Publisher
Take the Career Path of a Data Scientist Through an MBA in Data Science or start your career as a Junior Data Scientist after BCA. The starting salary of a Data Scientist is 5 Lakhs per annum.
Opt for Digital Marketing Digital Marketing professionals earn over 5 Lakhs per annum and you can opt for a diploma or masters in Digital Marketing after BCA.
Prepare for Government Exams SSC CGL, BHEL, Bank exams, UPSC, SSC, Railway Exams
Become a Cyber Security Professional The average salary range of a Cyber Security professional is somewhere around 5 Lakhs to 12 Lakhs. You can pursue short-term and online cybersecurity courses to follow this career path after BCA.
Study Blockchain Development Blockchain developers earn over 5 Lakhs per annum in India and you can pursue an online certification or diploma in this field.
Short-term Courses after BCA PGDM, PGDCA, PGDBA, PISM Certification or take up specialisations like JAVA, Coding, Cloud Computing, Networking, etc.
Pursue MS or MBA Abroad You can pursue MBA or MS in Computer Applications or related specialisations abroad at countries like Canada, New Zealand, USA, UK, etc.
Innovative and Lucrative Careers after BCA Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Security, Networking or Hardware Courses, Software Designing, Bioinformatics, etc.

Salary After BCA

  • How much experience you have is probably the biggest factor that determines your pay. Freshers with no industry experience earn an average salary of INR 2.5 lakh per annum. Mid-level professionals with a BCA degree earn INR 3.8 Lakh per year.

  • On the other hand, senior-level professionals with more than seven years of experience earn around INR 12 Lakh per annum on average. As you gain more experience, you can pursue higher roles in your industry and, thus, earn a better salary.

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